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Stuffed Mushroom Caps

– One of my favourite foods is mushrooms, they’re super simple to cook with and lend such a beautiful flavour. As a child my British Mum loved to do a “fry-up” each weekend which simply HAD to include fried onions and mushrooms. It wasn’t until I was older and began eating outside of our home that I discovered mushrooms as an appetizer. My favourite of all time is stuffed mushrooms.
– I can remember when I had first met my husband how impressed I was with his Mom & her partner’s cooking. Each meal we would gather in the kitchen for appetizers as the cooked around us all. This practice has extended to our home, with each gathering we have people surround our island munching on the apps while we all chat. Thank goodness for open-concept spaces!
– Stuffed Mushrooms are so impressive, with the first bite comes a burst of flavour and yet they’re simple to make. The base ingredients for stuffed mushrooms is simple, you need mushrooms, cheese and whatever flavors you enjoy (onions, garlic). Here is my easy stuffed mushroom recipe, but remember you can substitute or add whatever you’d like to the filling.

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