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DIY Ornaments

This Christmas I really wanted to have a tree with the natural/Scandinavian theme but did not want to buy all new ornaments so I decided to decorate a tree with only items I already have.

For a fun project that could be done affordably and with the help of my kids, I started with these cinnamon and applesauce ornaments.

First you will want to measure out equal parts cinnamon and applesauce. I started with one cup of each. Stir until we’ll combined. Then you roll the “dough” to 1/4 inch thickness. This should be done between two pieces of plastic wrap. I preferred to do it by hand instead of the rolling pin as to not get the dough too thin.

Next, use cookie cutters to cut the “dough” into shapes. After moving the shapes to a baking pan, you’ll want to make small holes for the string to hang them with. I used a straw to poke small holes in each top.

Next you’ll bake them for 2.5 hours at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The house will smell so good! Once the ornaments cool down, tie twine through the holes and hang on the tree for years of beauty!

diy ornaments
Step 1Start with basic pantry staples! Use a 1:1 ratio.

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