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DIY Magical Hanging Flower Basket Awning

I found the perfect combination for Summer Hanging Baskets and Glider Swings…The Magical Hanging Flower Basket Awning!

Looks Beautiful…almost HGTV Camera-Ready…Solves the Need-for-Shade Glider…and provides a Magical Spot for Hanging Flower Baskets!

The Hanging Flower Basket Awning – Made in a Flash!

Let’s Go!

diy magical hanging basket awning for glider happy summer

Here’s the still perfectly good Glider Swing…Minus an Awning. A way too hot spot for patio relaxing.

Materials for a Hanging Flower Basket Glider Awning:

1 Large Pool Noodle (54 inch length)

3 – 12 inch Hanging Flower Baskets

The 12 inch hanging flower basket dimensions:

Basket has a 12 inch diameter and is 7 inches tall.

27 inches from basket bottom to hook top. In plastic.

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