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Dawn Household And Cleaning Tips And Tricks

You can buy a spray bottle, or if you have a and empty bottle, just use that one. Spray it where ever the insects are, and if you see the insect, just spray them.


Clean your driveway


If you’re a do it your self person, that means you will work on your car yourself. We might spill oil on the garage floor or on the driveway, and we know that will leave a mark for days if its not cleaned up properly. Get a brush and a bucket with some dawn a brush it away.


It might take a few tries, but dawn is the best thing to use to get rid of the oil without using a power wash on the floor or driveway.


Poison Ivy blisters


If your kids or anyone is playing outside one day and they start to complain that their skin has blisters and stuff, it can be that they have made contact with poison ivy and had no idea.

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You may not have the correct treatment at the time to help them, but if you have dawn, you can quickly wash off the skin with it to prevent it from further spreading deeper into the skin and preventing more discomfort.


Stickers and Labels


If you have bottles that you want to re-use but the labels are hard to come off, and you don’t want to put things inside it with the wrong label on because someone can use it for the wrong and bad thing may happen.


Here is what you need to do, just wet the sticker with some dawn and leave it for about 5 minutes, then go back and just wash it off with a sponge. The dawn will break down the glue.

Wash Your Car


Grease will be on your car all the time, but you might not see it, but it’s there.


If you like to wash your car at home, then you need to use the best product that removes grease, dawn dish soap.


Especially those rims will need this to make them look better and remove that awful brake dust from the rims.


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