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Creamy Peanut butter Pie

– This recipe is awesome! It’s got the least ingredients of all the other pies I looked at, and it is SO easy to make. I made it exact the first time, my family said it was “too sweet”. (As if there were such a thing…but they are not that into sweets & when they do have them, they tend to think they have more sweetness than other people.) When I made it a second time, I cut the amount of sugar in half. Still “too sweet” for some family. I cut the sugar all the way down to 1/3 cup. Just right for them. AND, it still tastes sweet to those who DO eat sweets a lot & like the sweetness. I also changed from regular peanut butter to “natural” peanut butter on the most recent pie…and I think that toned some of the sweet down also. The *only* reason I changed the sugar amount originally was b/c of my family. I love the original…and I like the less sugar versions I made also.

– Heavenly! It is very smooth and creamy tasting. I make this according to the directions and I top mine with whip cream, chocolate and caramel syrup and crushed Reeses cups. You can also store this in the freezer. It won;t freeze solid, it just stays firm and cold and it is best eaten when it is firm and cold, I highly recommend trying it. I accidently discovered it and now I store mine in the freezer all the time.

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