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Creamy And Crunchy Chicken Casserole

When we’re craving comfort food, we often turn to Grandma’s creamy chicken casserole. This old-fashioned chicken-and-rice dish features a rich, creamy, incredibly cheesy sauce that pairs perfectly with the colorful bits of broccoli inside it, and the buttery-cornflake crunch of the topping always puts a smile on our faces. Unusual ingredients sometimes make for the best meals. Corn flakes are fairly boring on their own, but when slathered with butter and toasted over top of a savory dish, they become much more remarkable.

We take this to potlucks, it’s a staple at family gatherings, and it’s actually easy enough to make on weeknights. We just love the retro look and taste! Some people might be put-off by corn flakes here, but don’t knock it ’till you try it! It’s an unexpected surprise that adds flavor and texture to a creamy dish. This classic recipe has satisfied tummies in our family for over half a century, and we’ll never get tired of it.

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