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3-Ingredient Chocolate Crescents

The majority of my history with crescent rolls has been rolling them up plain and baking them just as the instructions on the cardboard tube tell you to do, but the truth is that there’s SO much more you can do with those yummy little triangles of dough. You can use them as a kitchen shortcut in casseroles and bakes where something doughy is needed, or you can roll them up with something savory like ham and cheese for something a little heartier, or — perhaps best of all — you can doctor them up with a little bit of sweetness, like these very chocolatey, melty Chocolate Crescents. You only need three ingredients and a few minutes of your time for these babies — they couldn’t be easier OR more successful at crushing chocolate cravings.

This is another one of those “recipes” that’s so basic it feels a little disingenuous to even call it a recipe, so let’s just say that I’m letting you in on a very simple and very delicious preparation trick.

The first thing you need is a tube of crescent roll dough that you’ll unroll and separate out into triangles.

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