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The Amazing Cabbage Roll Casserole

My kids are very finicky when it comes to cabbage (one of my favorites) so I only do half the head. I would love more in it, so use the whole thing if you want to. I miss my grandma’s cabbage rolls. but that’s a lot of work steaming each leaf and then filling and placing in another pan so I turned it into this.
-This sounds wonderful. I don’t care for jalapeños, hot spicy peppers or chillies of any kind so I don’t think that Rotel is for me. Just don’t like heat even if mild. I will use Centos brand tomatoes as they are wonderful. But as a Jersey truck farmers daughter, bell peppers of any color are fine with me! I would drain the meat but afraid the wonderful tomato flavor will be lost. hmmm. I guess it’s 93% meat & try not to think about the fat. I will have to cut this in half. it’s only me nowadays.
Thanks! I will make a soon as it cools off!
– made this again last night. My hubby raved again. He had three and a half large bowls full of it and I had two. There is enough left over to do it again. SO, Linda, it makes a lot!!! I’m not the author of the recipe so I can’t answer your question but maybe this comment will help some…???
This is an awesome recipe!!
Of course, the number of servings will depend on the appetite of those present.
-I remember when I was a kid my mother used to cook something similar to this. Though there were slight differences.

1. She’d use ground sausage instead of ground beef (sometimes).
2. Also, she’d use the cabbage leaves to wrap up the other ingredients after they were cooked and combined together. Kinda like an egg roll, but bigger.
3. Then (holding them together with toothpicks) she’d bake them in the oven after sprinkling with some kinda of seasoning or spice, perhaps Old Bay or something similar.

Then, of course we’d tear into them like Bum at a Buffet.

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