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Thick And Cheesy Vegetable Chowder

If thick and creamy and cheesy is your thing, then this is absolutely the soup for you. Plus, we stuffed it full of veggies, so you’re still getting tons of nutrients and a filling meal that’ll warm you up right from the first bite. This dish is not to be underestimated; if you first read that it’s a veggie chowder and thought, “what’s so great about that?,” definitely hang on a second and give it a shot. We have loved this soup since the first time we made it and firmly believe that it doesn’t need anything else to make it better, it’s perfect just the way it is – stuffed to the brim with broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, onion and celery, and perfectly seasoned with lots of yummy herbs.
The key to making this chowder is all in the roux mixture and cheese we add in at the end. A roux is a thickening agent typically made from melting butter, whisking in flour and cooking until it turns golden brown. You can then whisk in a liquid like chicken broth or milk or cream, which then gets stirred into whatever you want to thicken, in this case, our chowder. This is one of the final steps in the cooking process, followed by adding the cheddar cheese. These steps add tons of flavor and creaminess, along with lots of cheesy flavor, so they’re definitely crucial and aren’t to be skipped.
We didn’t used to love soups as much as we do these days, now that we’ve realized how yummy they can be, how easy they are to make, and how great they are for nights when we need something comforting and filling without wanting to spend hours over the stove. Plus, with only two pots to clean up, you can easily delegate a family member to tackle it after dinner, so you can put your feet up. And that’s living the dream, folks. Enjoy!

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