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the best corn on the cob

O.M.G. Seriously the *best* corn on the cob we have ever had! Sugar & lemon juice? Insane! But it worked beautifully! I am somewhat of a corn snob (and would personally be perfectly content eatting it virtually raw from the stalk) so I was somewhat hesitant and made two pots – one just in boiling water, the other as you directed in your recipe. The subtle sweetness of the sugar meshed with the tangy lemon juice was superb. Thank you so much for recipe!

Outstanding! From now on, this is how I will be making corn on the cob… you can’t taste the lemon juice or the sugar, but it adds a subtle sweetness and the corn doesn’t get overcooked and chewy. Love it! UPDATE 2018: 6 years later, this is still the only way I will make corn on the cob – even my mom wanted my “secret” for great corn EVERY TIME.

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