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Church’s Honey Butter Biscuits

HONEY BUTTER BISCUITS — Light, soft drop biscuits are brushed with honey butter, baked to golden brown, then coated in more honey butter for a delicious, sweet bread that will have everyone asking for seconds!

My oldest son recently returned from a two year church service mission to the South (Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi), and one of the things he asked me to recreate when he came home were these Church’s Chicken Honey Butter Biscuits.

Oh my goodness! I’m so glad he requested that I give these biscuits a try. We don’t have a Church’s Chicken anywhere close in Colorado, and I have to say, we’ve been missing out. At least when it comes to honey butter biscuits.

I mean, biscuits are pretty great to begin with, and when you slather them in honey butter…..well, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

And since this is a drop biscuit recipe, there’s no need to deal with rolling the dough. You just shape it into balls, brush everything with honey butter, and bake until golden brown.

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