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Texas Roadhouse’s Rolls

This is my copycat recipe for Texas Roadhouse Rolls! These rolls are incredibly fluffy, buttery, super tender, and slathered in honey cinnamon butter. What more do I need to say?

Texas Roadhouse Rolls

Today I was really just craving something warm, tender, and comforting straight from the oven. It’s not too often that I get a craving for baking but when I do magical things happen, like this copycat Texas Roadhouse Rolls recipe. I can tell you is that these are some of the best rolls I’ve ever eaten. Smothered with honey cinnamon butter, these rolls are absolutely to die for.

What Are Texas Roadhouse Rolls?

At some restaurants the bread is nearly as good as the main event, I’m looking at you Red Lobster Biscuits. This is the case for Texas Roadhouse and lucky for you I’ve got a recipe that replicates these little snacks to a tee! A little sweet, a little buttery, and best served warm, these rolls will be your new dinner table staple. But we all know if all about the honey cinnamon butter, so this recipe comes complete with all that butter!

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