Nothing says summer like fresh, sweet corn on the cob. We love grabbing a few ears of corn at our local farmer’s market or grocery store. There are a million-and-one ways to prepare corn on the cob; grilling is definitely one of our favorites – the char on the corn from the grill not only looks pretty but adds great flavor. Boiling corn is another cooking method, and we’ve got a way to use that pot to our advantage, infusing the corn kernels with a sweet buttery creaminess that will make everyone cheer for corn!

We give our corn a spa treatment in a bath of warm milk and honey. The corn bubbles and simmers away in this sweet infusion of flavor and comes out perfect every time. Leave the corn in for as long as you like – longer for softer kernels, shorter for firm kernels. We like it somewhere in between, al dente like pasta, and we can’t get over how sweet and savory this turns out. A sprinkle of salt and pepper, if you like, at the end is just about all we need to achieve corn nirvana.
This is great for your next picnic or potluck – corn on the cob is the very definition of summertime and fun with family and friends. Corn on the cob is already naturally sweet, but we really like enhancing its natural sweetness with this combination of milk and honey. Everyone will rave about the corn and want to know the secret to your recipe. Corn is such a versatile food, it’s great spicy, roasted, and it’s especially delicious when it’s been boiled in this sweet and creamy mixture. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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