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Bread in Bag

This season we have a different kind of menu over here. A STEMs-Giving menu filled with fun and simple Thanksgiving science experiments and activities that kids will love.

Make the most of the Thanksgiving holiday and share baking bread in a bag with your kids at home or in the classroom. Explore how does yeast work in bread and share a delicious treat at the end with our easy bread in a bag recipe.

From toddlers to teenagers, everyone loves a fresh slice of homemade bread, and using a zip-top bag is perfect for tiny hands to help squish and knead.

You can also use the same type of yeast for this exothermic reaction.

Ask these questions to get kids thinking…

What do you know about bread?
What would you like to learn about bread?
What ingredients are in bread and how do you make it?
What do you think makes the bread rise?
How does yeast work in bread?

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