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Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

This is a great recipe! We made them for a housewarming party the day before Easter and everyone loved them. We used half creamy and half crunchy peanut butter and used that new Baker’s dipping chocolate to coat them. We doubled the recipe and had about 35 eggs. It took 4 of the little dipping tubs to coat all of the eggs, but I found it a LOT easier. We also used a little of the chocolate to “stripe” the eggs by going back and forth very fast with a chocolate covered fork. They were very pretty. We put them in paper muffin liners since we were taking them to a party. One more note for the candy novices like me — when you combine the ingredients it seems very dry, but it really holds the shape so don’t be scared!

I made these eggs last night popped them in the fridge over night and coated them in the chocolate mixture this morning. Wish I had made them a little smaller than I did. Afeter chocolate coating them I put them in the fridge again while i melted some white chocolat with food coloring. Scooped this into a plastic baggie and swiped it across the eggs. Very pretty. Very tasty. Arranged on a plate with some green tinted coconut. Cant wait to hear my father in laws reaction!

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