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Cheesy Jalapeño Shortbread

You might think of sweet, crumbly cookies when you think of shortbread, but they can be savory as well. Personally I have been a connoisseur of shortbread my whole life, so when I saw this recipe for cheesy jalapeño shortbread I knew this was going to be made in my kitchen ASAP. And, these piquant little drops of heaven did not disappoint.

This shortbread relies on the time-tested combination of jalapeño and cheese. Even before these went into the oven the aroma of the peppers and cheddar together had my interest. The freshness of the jalapeños is the perfect compliment to the rich, buttery shortbread and the cheese. For this recipe I used sharp (orange) cheddar but you can use white cheddar, pepper jack, Monterey jack, or Irish cheddar.

The addition of young cheese does add quite a bit of moisture to the dough, as does the fresh jalapeño and 1 egg. Because of this extra water in the mix this shortbread isn’t dry and crumbly. Instead, there is a slight chew to these biscuits (as the English might call them) that makes them extremely addictive.

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