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Cheesy Beef Taco Pockets

A snack can be as simple as cheese and crackers but sometimes you want something a little bit extra and these Cheesy Beef Taco Pockets perfectly fit the bill. They’re easy to make (seven ingredients!); full of creamy, beefy, cheesy goodness; and are hearty enough to qualify as a meal if you want a dinner that’s a little snacky. My whole family loves them and I’m sure yours will too.

You start by browning up some ground beef and seasoning it with a packet of taco seasoning. Easy. But you know what’s nice? You could use ground turkey instead, or even black beans, or mix in some refried beans for good measure. This is a versatile snack.

That’s it for the protein portion and then you need to work on the creaminess quotient, which is just as simple: Mix together some cream cheese and salsa. Done.

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