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These crunchy and gooey Easy Fried Cheese Bites are the ultimate answer to your snack and appetizer needs!

If you’re anything like me, one of your favorite appetizers of all-time is mozzarella sticks. Which is where these easy Fried Cheese Bites came from!

With a golden crispy crunch on the outside and molten gooey goodness on the inside, you can’t go wrong!

These Fried Cheese Bites make an excellent appetizer for a party or after school snack for the kids. The trick is making sure to serve them when they are hot so that you can get all of that delicious melted cheesiness when it’s at its best.

The thing that makes this vegetarian recipe the easiest is that you can buy a bag of mozzarella string cheese (which you may have in the house already!) and make them whenever you’d like. I don’t tend to deep fry things in my home because I don’t have a deep fryer (although I’ve had my eye on this one), but I find that you can pan fry just as easily – if not more easily based on the food item.

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