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Breakfast Egg Crowns

Cook time: 15 Min Prep time: 15 Min Serves: 6
3 tortillas, high fiber, low carb
16 oz egg substitute
10 oz frozen spinach
6 slice premium cut chicken, low sodium, low fat
1 1/2 c 2% skim mozzarella cheese
1. Preheat oven to 350.
2. Place 1/4 of a tortilla into a sprayed muffin pan.
3. Mix eggs and spinach together. Put 1/8 cup of egg/spinach mixture into muffin pan.
4. Each muffin section will receive half a slice of chicken. You can either fold or dice the halved chicken piece to your preference. Top with 1/8 cup of cheese.
5. Bake 15 minutes. Let sit for 2-3 minutes then remove to cooling rack.
6. Cal. 66, Fiber 3.5, Carbs. 2, Protein 13, Fat 2.5 If you are doing Weight Watchers on the old point system these are only 1 point. With the new points plus they are 2 points each.
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