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Award Winning Peaches and Cream Pie

Peaches and Cream Pie has a tender peach cake layer topped with a cream cheese cinnamon mixture. This is no-fail dessert and a great way to use up those peaches.


Let’s talk about peaches. I’ll be totally honest. I don’t love peaches. Or should I say I didn’t love peaches…until now. You all know by now that I’m super picky about my fruit. Peaches have never been a favorite. We had peach trees in our backyard growing up so most of my experience with peaches were hot and rotting in the Arizona sun.

My fruit has to be pristine. Like fresh out of the Garden of Eden pristine.

I was recently at my grocery store and stopped in my tracks to admire the peaches. For those of you that know me well know how big a deal that is. The peaches were as big as my hand and glorious. Just to the eye alone they were perfect but the texture, the taste (I found out later)…everything about them were begging me, inspiring me to make something out of them.

They were so good that we ate the first batch and I had to go to the store the next day to get more peaches to make the recipe.

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