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7 Surprising Thrift Store Finds You Should Never Ignore!

  1. Blue Willow China

    China featuredbucs_2001 via eBay

    This thrift shop staple is not just classy; it can also be worth a ton of cash! The next time you come across a set, turn over the large plate—this is the piece that usually bears the insignia—and take note of the manufacturer. If it was made in England, you may want to consider buying this collector’s item.

    Learn more about the ABCs of appraising Blue Willow China here.

  2. Antique Mason Jars

    mason jarsFreedom II Andres via Flickr

    Since first being introduced in the 1850s, mason jars have never really gone out of style—and for good reason; these classic pieces are both functional and beautiful. Now, if you happen upon either a set or an individual piece that you suspect may be very old (c. 1840s-1920s), be sure to nab it, as some have been known to fetch up to $1,000.

    Check out Country Living’s handy Ball Jar age evaluation cheat sheet here.

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