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Frozen Fruit Salad

This was a recipe that my mother used to make for my father–he loved it. It’s a great recipe for a hot summer day. And, very easy to throw together.
-This is so much like Ambrosia Salad that I make for my family. I got it from my Aunt Carol, who used to bring it every year to our family reunions. Never thought to freeze it. Will have to try it.
-I have to make two of these at a time because I love them with the coconut but hubby doesn’t. so this time I threw in a handful of colored marshmallows, will see how that works in the morrow
-I made this ‘frozen fruit salad’ a couple nights ago and must say it it Awesome! I also added strawberries to the mix, and just for good measure threw in a big handful of grapes from my own vines. Will be making this over and over again
-Someone had mentioned they used cream cheese in place of the sour cream…can you let me know what size cream cheese would I use?
-I prepared this recipe for the homecoming at my Church this past Sunday. It was a hit with the folks there. I gave the recipe to several ladies. I am in Florida and simple, cool desserts are always appreciated.

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