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You Can Now Make Your Favorite Olive Garden Soup At Home!

There are certain foods that, no matter what, take us back to certain times and places, bringing on a flood of memories that strengthen our love of said food. Sometimes we look forward to that dish, knowing that we love it and it reminds us of something special, and sometimes we are surprised by something we eat and how much it brings back for us! This zuppa Toscana is one of the former; we love all Italian food, but this soup in particular reminds us of Italy and, even if you haven’t been there, conjures up images of the Tuscan hillside.

Filled to the brim with tasty Italian sausage and kale, this soup is creamy, super flavorful and to top it all off, easy to make! Plus, you get a lovely added texture and crunch if you decide to garnish it all with bacon–you’ve got a bunch of kale in there (literally), so why not go a little crazy with the bacon. You should definitely try this soup and see if it doesn’t just bring on mental pictures of zipping through the Italian countryside on a Vespa .we could get used to that idea!

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