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Southern Fried Pickles

Fried pickles- love’em, hate’em or meh????

From my polling, it seems most people are “meh”.

For many years I was just meh about fried pickles as well.

I mean…pickles…fried. Whoopty doo, what’s the big deal. It sounded dumb, to be honest.

I sampled one or two at different restaurants (and 1 or 2 was all I wanted). I wasn’t blown away enough to ever order them, let alone want to make my own.

Sounds familiar?

Well, let me tell ya, that all changed with I got pregnant with Ethan and went through this “deep fried” stage. I wanted everything fried or crispy and nothing sounded like heaven more than fried pickles!

I ordered them from a restaurant again…ick! Still wasn’t a fan. Came home and made my own, MONEY SHOT!

They were so addictive! I thought my love for this appetizer would fade after pregnancy but fried pickles are still one of my favorite appetizers (when done right).

And by right I mean, it must have that southern-style breading! I want my fried pickles to look like fried chicken lol You know what type of coating I’m talking about right? One that’s full of flavor, crispy, cracklin’ and golden.

These fried pickles have just that! Some folks like to marinade the pickles in buttermilk or beer beforehand but I’ve never done that. A good dredging though an egg-buttermilk mixture and a nice coating of well-seasoned flour are perfect!

Be sure to dry the pickles off really well by pressing them between paper towels. This helps the coating cling on a bit better.

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