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Hummingbird Sheet Cake

It’s said that Hummingbird Cake is Southern Living’s most requested recipe of all time. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of trying this sweet treat, then I’m sure this comes as no surprise. This recipe hails from Jamaica and was once called Bird Doctor Cake, named after a hummingbird native to the island. No matter the name, this cake is incredibly moist and flavorful with tangy pineapple and sweet banana mixed into the batter. It’s often made as a layered cake, but we thought a sheet cake version would be just as incredible and save a little fuss. We’re all about simplicity around here!

The batter stays pretty true to the original recipe with an 8 ounce can of pineapple (with the juices!) and about four ripe bananas. Chopped pecans are folded into the batter and sprinkled on the frosted cake for plenty of nutty crunch in every bite. We’ve opted for the traditional cream cheese frosting which compliments the tangy cake beautifully, but you could always mix things up with a butter cream or caramel frosting.

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