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What’s The Perfect Hot Day Refresher? Frozen Lemonade!

My husband and I are huge outdoorsy people. Since we got married, we have hiked, backpacked, and cycled all over the place. Everywhere we travel, we always try to find new places where we can get outside and do physical activity. It is something we have always looked forward to. I mean, we have gone camping more times than I can possibly remember or even attempt to count and my husband is already looking into an RV. You see, we are getting a bit too old to spend our days outside hiking and backpacking, so instead, we are looking to RV the country.

WE think it would be another grand adventure in our lives. Have any of you RVed before? Well, we did rent an RV once to drive some distance and absolutely loved it. I think one of my favorite things about it was the little kitchen in there.

I could be doing stuff while my husband was driving which was so much fun. The one thing we made the most that summer was this refreshing summer frosted lemonade. We drank it like water and are addicted to it now! We make it every summer and it brings us wonderful memories of that RV adventure!


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