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Quick Beef Bourguignonne

Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon (Bœuf Bourgignon in French) is a world wide loved classic for a reason. This is one recipe where you want to take your time cooking it, drinking a glass of wine or two while preparing it, and show it a lot of love. Every step is worth it.

In our recipe, we included four different cooking methods to make your life easier: traditional oven, stove top, slow cooker and instant pot or pressure cooker methods. Whichever one you choose, you will not be disappointed!

Beef Bourguignon

Adapting this Beef Bourguignon from Julia’s best seller, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, this dish raises a simple beef stew to an art form and is not too difficult to make at all. You don’t need to be an experienced cook to try this in your kitchen at home.

Even though it’s been remade all over the world countless times by families over the decades, it’s an extremely forgiving recipe. We cut out a few steps from Julia’s original to make it a little easier and maybe a little less intimidating. Still, I didn’t want to mess with something so perfect.


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