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Sweet Toffee Cookies

These are one of my husbands favorites, oatmeal, coconut and toffee pieces. Sweet and crunchy. I usually half the recipe with just the two of us.
Just happened to have all the ingredients in the pantry. Made these and got raves from husband, son-in-law and grandson so I think they were a success.
-I baked these cookies, this weekend they were so good, my mom who never like to try variety of cookies Loved them, she said I really like these they are great, my husband and I enjoyed they them to the highest, I rate these as a 5 star..
-I could not find the toffee bits. Are they plain or chocolate covered. If they are chocolate covered toffee, I guess I could place some Heath Bars in a plastic bag and crush them. Think this would work?
– just wanted you know I made the cookies this evening and OMG! they are delicious, hopefully know one is watching their waistline eating these. Its no wonder you won a blue ribbon, keep up the great receipes.

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