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Air Fryer Donut Sticks

What a fun recipe! This turned out really good and is one I would definitely make again. The rich buttery flavor comes through and the cinnamon did not overpower. It reminded me of that famous cereal. I had more than half of the sugar/cinnamon left over so I’d reduce that next time. For now, it just gives me an excuse to go get another tube of crescent roll dough and make another batch!

Recipe worked as directed. As far as taste I found it a little lacking, I think because of the fact that it isn’t a sweet dough which is what most desert recipes call for. Nothing special, but overall this recipe works great for a quick breakfast sweet treat!

YUM YUM! These are so good and easy. I think next time I will make some apple butter or some cinnamon roll icing to dip in. Definitely will be making these often.

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