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Steam Clean Your Microwave In Minutes- No Scrubbing

Is your microwave gross? Are you looking to clean your microwave quickly, but hate cleaning?

Learn how to clean your microwave with vinegar safely. Using this green cleaning method, you can steam clean a microwave matter of minutes.

Besides your microwave, I share 50 ways you can use vinegar to clean your home. After you try this method of cleaning your microwave, see how else you can use vinegar in place of potentially harmful chemicals to clean your home.

steam clean your microwave in minutes no scrubbing

Because I always forget to cover any food I heat in the microwave, there are always food splatters or spills. There are times when we’re in a hurry to eat- you know, screaming kids, so I don’t get to the mess right away.

This method of cleaning your microwave is so simple. It doesn’t require any chemicals that could be left to absorb into your food, and there is no scrubbing required.

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