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Impossible Pie

Impossible Pie! Well, this has got to be one of the easiest and most delicious dessert pie recipes I’ve ever tried!

When I say easy I really do mean easy. It’s a case of mixing all the ingredients listed below, adding to a baking pan and going to have a cup of tea whilst you wait for the Impossible pie to bake.

When the impossible pie is ready, you’ll notice it has formed a crust on the top and also a kind of pastry crust on the vase, resembling a pie dough crust, but as you will know, we haven’t used any pie dough in the recipe. So that must be impossible right? See for yourself!

This impossible pie has a filling texture of a baked egg custard. Smooth, creamy and simply delicious. The top of the impossible pie has a slightly rough textured crust. What happens when it is baking is the coconut flakes come to the surface of the pie and hence you get a slightly textured top. For the base of the pie, the almost pie dough appearance is because when the egg custard is baking, it will naturally form a layer on the base where it is a higher temperature due to contact with the pan and oven shelf. So what you end up with is like a magic pie with a pie crust and top, but not!

I’ve made some variation recipes for you to try too, such as our very popular Lemon Impossible Pie, so good! and also, if you’re planning a party or special occasion, we have a lovely recipe for Mini Impossible Pies, and for that, I’ve used one batter and made 3 different cupcake size flavors so everyone can choose which flavor they want!

So let’s get straight to the recipe and see just how easy and delicious our Impossible Pie is to make. It’s definitely a keeper recipe so be sure to save it so you can make it again and again!

This delicious recipe has been generously shared by one of our Lovefoodies supporters, Beck Duman. Beck is always cooking up something tasty, and here we have her easiest ever Impossible Pie!
A perfect dessert with a big blob of ice cream!

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