Yesterday was my darling friend Mary’s birthday, and when you have that kind of friend, you make something extra special.

She’s a Southern belle who loves strawberries and pound cake, so naturally, I hopped into the kitchen to create my crazy-delicious, triple decker Strawberry Cake with strawberry buttercream frosting!

The rich pink color of this dense cake and the intense strawberry flavor top-to-bottom makes everyone happy, and I knew it would put a smile on her face.

Guys, I really LOOOVE this cake. It’s a combination of a strawberry cake with Jello and a fresh strawberry cake, which is something that’s hard to find in most recipes.

The strawberry cake Martha Stewart makes uses fresh fruit, but it produces a one-layered coffeecake. That’s great with my morning latte, but it doesn’t really elicit the “ooh and ahhh” response I wanted for my friend’s special day.

The strawberry cake Paula Deen makes does use Jello to achieve its signature color (that’s “blush and bashful,” for any Steel Magnolias fans out there), but she uses frozen strawberries.

I think using fresh strawberries helps them retain their texture, even when baking, so that’s what I use in my Strawberry Cake recipe. Paula also uses a traditional cream cheese frosting, and like mine is, well, a work of art.

Let’s talk about the cake itself first, though.

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