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Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup For The Soul

Close your eyes and picture this. You wake up in the morning and you are freezing outside of your covers. You tip toe to the window and the only thing you see is nothing but white. Yes, my friends I am speaking of snow. Snow is beautiful when it first snows and is untouched, but that moment is quickly gone when you realize that winter is in full effect and it is cold!

One winter day my son decided to have a couple of friends over to snowmobiling. It had just snowed a whole bunch and he was eager to get outside and ride that snowmobile. I said that a couple of his friends could come over and they could use the snowmobiles. They are all pretty responsible with the snowmobiles so I wasn’t too worried to be honest.

But I knew that once those teenage boys were done playing the snow that they were going to be cold and very hungry. So, I immediately started to figure out what in the world I would make them for dinner. I decided on this delicious spicy chicken tortilla recipe. I knew that it would warm those bones up and be exactly what they needed after a long day outside!

When they came in and smelt the soup cooking they were ready to eat! I think that all three of those boys finished the entire crock pot! They loved it!

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