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Bakehouse Pistachio Toffee Chocolate Cookies

These Gideon’s Bakehouse Pistachio Toffee Chocolate Cookies are straight from the magical land of Disney and stand up to the plate in terms of being fantastically sublime. A substantial cookie base is loaded — and I mean loaded— with chocolate chips, salted pistachios, and chocolate toffee bits. And while you may not first think of these three mix-ins as going together, they are a match you wish you had eaten before.

There are many similarities between all of Disney’s magical kingdoms, however, there’s a unique spot in the Orlando location — Gideon’s Bakehouse. This bakery is serving up seasonal half-pound cookies that reportedly take almost a day of preparation to make. The flavor options rotate frequently throughout the months, but their Pistachio Toffee Chocolate Cookie is a mainstay. I’ve never visited any of the Disney locations, but this bakehouse is enough of a reason to try and go — but before I rushed in and booked tickets, I figured I would try my hand at making them myself, and I’m glad I did. This copycat recipe makes a knockout cookie, and it didn’t take an entire day to prepare and bake.

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