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Shawarma Sauce

This yogurt based shawarma sauce is ready in 5 minutes and perfect to drizzle over shawarma bowls and so much more! This is a lighter alternative to the traditional middle eastern garlic shawarma sauce. Let’s get into everything you need to know about shawarma sauces!

What is Shawarma Sauce?
If you haven’t heard of it, shawarma is a traditional middle eastern dish consisting of either chicken, beef or lamb roasted on a rotating spit, and shaved off to make wraps or served over rice.

Now shawarma is always served with a sauce. However, there are a few different shawarma sauces that you can make, depending on your preference. A few are traditional shawarma sauces, which are the sauces you will find served with shawarma if you were to order it from a middle eastern street vender. But there is also a more westernized version of shawarma sauce, which is what this recipe is for. Let’s walk through each type of sauce!

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