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Repurposed Television Armoire Cabinet

I recently received a call from one of my “furniture finders” about this television armoire cabinet. Yep, someone actually threw it away. Here is the story of the repurposed television armoire cabinet.

repurposed television armoire cabinet, TV Armoire Cabinet
TV Armoire Cabinet

Before I go any further, I want to explain my “dumpster diving” tactics. My email inbox is always flooded with questions regarding my furniture finds. This armoire was found in a construction dumpster. Which means no household garbage. Just wood scraps, boxes, or anything else which pertains to a construction site. Possibly a little dirt, but nothing that can’t be cleaned off. I DO NOT remove furniture items from household trash dumpsters unless they are on the ground next to it. I am sure some people do, but I choose not too. And trust me, I wish I could. Why, because I LOVE saving thrown out furniture. But it’s just too risky and well just plain gross.

Anyway, back to the repurposed television armoire cabinet makeover. Once we got the call, the Hubs and I immediately showed up on site. Luckily, there was a business located near the dumpster which had a few extra men who were eager to help the Hubs remove it from the dumpster. It was solid wood and HEAVY, so I knew I could not be of much help.


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