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Raspberry Oatmeal Crumble Bars

These simple bars are more dessert than breakfast but thanks to their oatiness, could definitely pass for either. I personally love a treat that can be eaten any time of day, and I’m sure I’m not alone there. They’re a little chewy with a jammy burst of raspberry and they take less than ten minutes of effort before they head into the oven. In other words, to know them is to love them.

The base of these is a streusel-like mixture of oats, flour, butter, and sugar, but the good news is that the topping is made out of the very same mixture. (That means less work for you!)

After mixing that up you simply press the majority of it into the bottom of a baking dish, spread a generous helping of raspberry jam over it, and sprinkle the remaining oat mixture over the top. See? Easy.

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