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Crock Pot French Onion Soup

– Sounds like a plan. I would make the soup right up to the point of putting on the bread & cheese. It should keep for several days in the fridge. Just add the bread & cheese before serving. Now you have me wanting to make this! LOL!!!
– Wow this is awesome and congrats on the Blue Ribbon. I saw a recipe for crock pot french onion soup in the Taste of Home magazine but didn’t like some of the ingredient combinations. Since this is a tried and true by the Kitchen Crew (wow that rhymed) I am going to save and print it and try your version!
– It is my guess that the Debbie Downer didn’t even TRY this recipe as she complained about using a crock pot to make it….you know, too many dishes. Well, I like using my crock pot as it frees me up to make other things for dinner while the soup is cooking. I’m sure that this is a great tasting soup and I like the ease in preparation. Will definitely try this soup sometime. Have had it saved since it was featured the first time.

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