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Homemade Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

Delicious homemade Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, soft, fluffy and fresh from the oven. These Hawaiian sweet rolls have a tropical flavor perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
My love for baking goes back a long time ago. Since I was a little kid really. Which is interesting because my mom was not a baker nor did she really like to bake, but the times that she did, I was right there in the kitchen with her, excited and eager to learn. It’s a passion I’ve had forever. Although I’m not a fancy baker, or a pastry baker, I do love to bake breads, muffins, scones, cookies and cakes. So needless to say, I would never in a million years turn down a dinner roll recipe.
These Hawaiian sweet rolls are one of my favorite rolls. It’s an old recipe I’ve shared with you back in 2014 and wanted to share it with you again with some new pictures, a video and a bit more explanation regarding the dough.

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