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Raspberry and Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast

I have to say this recipe is something special to my husband and I. We went to a B&B for Valentines weekend and the morning we woke up with snow on the ground. umm it never snows in this area. Also the sweet smell of Raspberries and Coffee in the air. We walked down and saw all the breakfast goodies on the table and coming out of the Kitchen was the Raspberry and Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast ..oooo was soooo good. that was the last yummy before we started out a new path in our lives. Losing Weight and living Healthier lives.Hope you all enjoy
-WOW what a fantastic, easy & delicious breakfast treat this was! I used plain challah, frozen raspberries as fresh weren’t available and milk. My whole family loved this unusual breakfast treat.I will surely make often.
-Going to make a double amount for the breakfast tomorrow after slumber party…. I was looking for something to knock their socks off and I can use different berries for whoever doesn’t like raspberries… Hmmmmm how about chocolate chips?? Thanks for posting Kellie!!
-sorry I didn’t “catch” it that you are in Dallas,too, when I read your name & the recipe…usually I read every word!!! Well, that’s really fun…so you know ALL about the Dallas summer temperatures! I’m originally from outside the Kalamazoo area in Michigan…a small town called Gobles…that’s where my family has been and where I lived until just after graduating from high school, YEARS ago! I love Dallas, but also love it if I have the opportunity to leave TX in the summer…never have acclimated to the hot-hot days we have all in a row!!! I know we will love this stuffed French toast recipe…I want to try it for either tomorrow’s or Sunday’s breakfast…or maybe for the evening meal!!! I’ll let you know what everyone thinks about it!!!
-This looks so yummy…not sure why I haven’t seen this recipe before now!!! With summer coming on in hot Texas, think I’ll try this recipe on my wonderful heavy-duty Lodge Logic 2-burner cast iron grill. I try NOT to turn on my oven from June through September…but this sounds WONDERFUL…we LOVE raspberries!!!

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