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Impossible Pie

Impossible Pie! Well, this has got to be one of the easiest and most delicious dessert pie recipes I’ve ever tried!

When I say easy I really do mean easy. It’s a case of mixing all the ingredients listed below, adding to a baking pan and going to have a cup of tea whilst you wait for the Impossible pie to bake.

When the impossible pie is ready, you’ll notice it has formed a crust on the top and also a kind of pastry crust on the vase, resembling a pie dough crust, but as you will know, we haven’t used any pie dough in the recipe. So that must be impossible right? See for yourself!

This impossible pie has a filling texture of a baked egg custard. Smooth, creamy and simply delicious. The top of the impossible pie has a slightly rough textured crust. What happens when it is baking is the coconut flakes come to the surface of the pie and hence you get a slightly textured top. For the base of the pie, the almost pie dough appearance is because when the egg custard is baking, it will naturally form a layer on the base where it is a higher temperature due to contact with the pan and oven shelf. So what you end up with is like a magic pie with a pie crust and top, but not!

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