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Raise Your Glass To Tennessee Toasted Butter Pecan Cake

Do you like cake? Of course, you do! What kind of silly question is that? Personally, I enjoy all the unique flavored cakes like coconut cream, pineapple upside down bundts, and nutty cakes. The cake in question for today is a real gem. It’s called, “toasted butter pecan cake” and it tastes like Wayne Newton singing to you from his stage in front of 10,000 people. Absolutely amazing! For you younger ladies, let’s change that name to Bruno Mars. This cake is really good ?

You may think that this type of cake is a real hassle to put together but alas, it is not. Just look at my picture. Does that cake look professional to you? It’s lopsided for heaven’s sake! However, it tastes like a dream come true.

Don’t think that little old you couldn’t possibly make such a superstar cake because you can. I’m proof of that! I’m no professional chef and I still make this lovely cake…and ate it, too!

I am smitten as a kitten for this toasted pecan cake. It looks pretty, tastes fabulous, and is wonderful for serving around a table with good friends. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with your cake or better yet add a dollop or two of ice cream to your plate. Yum! I can’t get enough of this deliciousness. You won’t want to share this cake with others because it is just so darn good but, lady friend, you have to or else you’ll be dubbed an impolite glutton haha!

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