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Beefy Tomato Macaroni Soup Recipe with a Review for Pomi Tomatoes!

Both my daughter and I are huge fans of tomatoes!

We love them fresh and canned, basically any way we can eat them!

I was recently contacted by Pomi Tomatoes and was offered some samples of their products to try.

Their tomatoes are packaged in stay fresh, BPA free cartons and are 100% natural!

No additives or preservatives… just straight up tomatoes!

I couldn’t wait to try them and knew they would be a great product for our family!

The Pomi Chopped Tomatoes are like diced tomatoes in other brands and the Strained Tomatoes were more like a thick tomato sauce!

I always love tomatoes and soup, so I decided to throw together some of this Beefy Tomato Macaroni Soup!

This soup has a unique flavor and tastes so fresh from using the Pomi tomatoes!

It is a thicker soup… almost a “stoup” as Rachael Ray always said on 30 minute meals.

My daughter and I loved it. It is just so hearty and filling. Perfect for warming you up on a cold winter day.

Pomi Tomatoes are definitely a product we will be using again.

You can tell there is a huge difference in flavor compared to canned tomatoes and I just love the great benefits that they offer!

They are a perfect addition to a clean eating diet if you’re not able to use fresh tomatoes.

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