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Spinach and Cheese Enchiladas

I have very few memories of my dad cooking dinner for our family when I was young (in his defense, my mother loves to cook), but there is one meal that’s always been the exception: enchiladas. As far as I can recall, anytime my mom was out for the evening that is what dad made us for dinner. Not sure how this became his meal of choice, but he was steadfast in his devotion to the dish. Luckily for us, he made some pretty tasty enchiladas.

Now, the enchiladas my dad made were typically ground beef or chicken, but these days I’m always on the hunt for more tasty meatless recipes. The idea of spinach and cheese enchiladas immediately piqued my interest as that combo is typically a total home run (creamy spinach dip, anyone?). And let me tell you… they did not disappoint! This recipe makes a hefty portion of food and we still polished off the entire dish in two days time.

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