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Pink Up Your Picnic With This Summer Watermelon Pie

Ivan is one of the newest members of our clique. He was born in Texas, but he grew up in Florida because his dad was transferred there. He spent most of his early adult years in there too. Ivan just moved to our state at the beginning of last year because he got accepted at one of the firms here. He didn’t have a hard time adjusting because we were here to help him out. However, he’s used to really warm weather, which is why he doesn’t easily get cold. During last winter, you could see him lounging around in a thin shirt and lounge pants.

Last December, while we were all freezing cold in his living room, he was in the kitchen making a watermelon pie, a recipe from his mother. He said his momma used to make it a lot when he was a kid and it’s his favorite way to cool off.

We did enjoy the creamy goodness of the pie even though we were freezing our toes off.

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