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Amish Onion Cake

We love a bit of cornbread with dinner sometimes, but this Amish onion cake has been a real game changer. Just like the subtle sweetness that cornbread has, this onion “cake” does have some sweetness because of the caramelized onions on top and a just a tiny bit of sugar in the batter. But, this dense, cake-like bread is also incredibly moist thanks to whole milk, sour cream, and the addition of 5 eggs into the mix.

This delicious bread-cake also gets a lot of flavor from the addition of paprika, poppy seeds, and a healthy helping of black pepper. To begin making this bread you’ll need to caramelize 3 to 4 Vidalia onions in a 1/2 cup of butter for 10 minutes. All bulb onions have some sugar, but Vidalia are the sweetest so stick to this variety for best results.

For this recipe you don’t need to chop the onions too finely since they will shrink up in the cooking process. You want roughly 1″ squares or rectangles for this one.

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