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Pink Lemonade Ice Cream Pie

A slice of this creamy Pink Lemonade Ice Cream Pie is your official welcome to summer! We know it’s summertime when this dessert becomes a regular after dinner treat around our house, usually served outside on the patio and always an absolute favorite. We’ve loved this recipe for years, when our mom would make it for dessert on Sunday afternoons. These days, my daughters look forward to helping me in the kitchen and this is a super easy recipe for them to help make. Sweet and tangy, creamy and cold with just enough crunch from a simple graham cracker crust, it’s a treat. And it takes less than ten minutes to make! Enjoy this beautiful dessert all summer long!

Secret Ingredient
Want to know what gives this pie its tart pink lemonade flavor? The secret ingredient is a regular packet of Pink Lemonade Kool Aid mix. And don’t opt for the sugar free variety, not this time. Everything in moderation, right? When you mix it with the vanilla ice cream, something magical happens. The mild vanilla ice cream blends together with that delicious lemon flavor that is neither too sweet or too tart. Just dreamy, pink perfection! Kool Aid is a secret ingredient in another recipe… have you tried our Koolickles?

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