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Killer Marinated Tomatoes

Killer Marinated Tomatoes
These are the most amazingly delicious tomatoes you’ll ever sink your teeth into. Be sure to serve them with big hunks of a healthy bread to soak up all the delicious marinade. You can substitute an equal amount of halved cherry tomatoes. Just make sure you use bread made without bleached white flour. Gluten-free bread would be even healthier  – such as the suggested recipe for coconut flour bread.
I spotted these marinated tomatoes from ButterYum a few weeks back and knew I had to make them. I love tomatoes, my mom once told me that I used to eat ’em like apples when I was a kid! I can’t imagine what a mess that was.
The marinade is a simple blend of herbs, spices, vinegar and oil, but it packs a real punch. These marinated tomatoes are delicious as is or served over a bed of fresh spinach with some parmesan for a quick salad.

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