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Oven Baked Hot Dogs

For the best chili cheese dogs around, all you need is this easy Oven Baked Hot Dogs recipe. Loaded with chili, chopped onion, and melted cheddar, they’re crispy on the outside but soft and savory dogs tucked into fluffy buns. Lunch, dinner, pot lucks, even on Game Day- these are perfect for almost any occasion.

While I’m notoriously not a fan of hotdogs, the rest of my family is.

Pretty sure, if allowed, two of my four children would eat them everyday and possibly, quite happily, turn into one.

Being the hot dog snob that I am, I will only eat two brands, and I can’t stand them doused with condiments.

In an effort to practice what I preach to my children and ‘try new things’ I decided to hunt down something to do with them, some recipe that I would actually enjoy.

Oven baked hot dogs quickly became my best hot-doggy friend. Instead of a hot dog on a limp bun, I’m now into crunchy sandwich territory, and it’s heavenly.

While these may look like typical chili-dogs, they’re actually cleverly disguising the satisfying outer crunch that protects their delicious insides.

Seriously, about that crunch, you probably want to eat them using a knife and fork.

I did say I was a hot-dog snob, right?!

With these I am finally one satisfied customer.


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