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Neiman Marcus $250 Cookie

Most everyone has heard the story – that a woman enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies so much while eating at the Neiman Marcus Cafe in Dallas that she asked for the recipe and was told by the waitress that she could have it for “only two-fifty.” But when her bill arrived, it was for nearly $300. So it was a $250 cookie recipe. However, the story is more of a myth than anything…

That myth endured, though, so in 1997 Neiman Marcus actually came up with a cookie recipe and gave it out for free. While I don’t know that it’s a recipe worth a $250 price tag, it is a wonderful cookie – a chocolate chip cookie amped up with nuts, ground oats, and chocolate grated right into the batter.

The original recipe calls for Hershey’s chocolate but you can use whatever kind happens to be your favorite. It gives the overall cookie a subtle chocolate flavor but there’s plenty of melty chocolate chunks too. The other thing that makes these unique is that the dough doesn’t just rely on wheat flour for texture, it also uses ground up oatmeal, which gives the cookies a nice chewy bite.

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